What Are The Main Factors Behind Skin Aging?


Aging is not some disease which can be cured by taking medicines and all. It is an entirely natural process which cannot be held completely. However, if we take care of several factors then it can be somehow controlled. According to various expert dermatologists, these days, people begin to look more aged in contrast to their age. According to them, there are various factors that triggered the process of aging in human beings.

The increased pace of the daily lifestyle of people is one of the main reason behind premature aging, as said by various scientists working on this matter. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the main factors that cause skin aging in people. Here they are-





Bad food diet

This is one of the most critical reasons behind premature skin aging as concluded by doctors. Nowadays, most of the people are no more concern about their daily food diet. They eat whatever comes in their plate. Lol! But it’s a fact. How many of you follow a not strict but healthy diet? Say! Maybe few of you follow regular good eating habits. You can start eating food supplements like Purtier for best anti-aging results.

Following a healthy diet does not mean to start starving. It is all about healthy eating habits according to the right time. As we all sometimes do this thing of eating anything random at any time. These all things left very bad effects on our health and suffers our skin a lot. Pimples and acne are some examples of them.


Drinking and smoking

Drinking and smoking have become very common things these days. Right! People including elder as well as millennial loves to drink and smoke. Isn’t it? But the excessive habit of drinking liquor and smoking cigarettes causes a very awful effect on our skin. It especially makes our face look dull and drowsy. Inebriation is completely your call of choice. But don’t follow them on the daily basis. It is not only bad for your skin but also for your overall health.


Stress and anxiety

Stress has become a constant part of our lives these days. From the office to home we are surrounded by things related to stress and pressure. It may sound less relevant to a few of you, but it’s a fact that stress and anxiety also affect our skin aging pace. As we know anxiety and stress triggers an imbalance in hormones like cortisol. That affect all the other natural processes of the body including menstrual cycles that in turn causes pimples and dullness on the skin.



These are some of the main factors that cause skin aging. Control these above highlighted things and see a good improvement in the quality of our skin.