A Complete Introduction To VoIP

A- Complete-Introduction -To -VoIP

Earlier the only means of communicating was through the telephone but with the improvement of technology mobile phones are discovered and now to make our life easier VoIP is invented. People who are in touch with modern devices and internet technology might know about VoIP but for people who don’t know about this awesome technology, you can read the below article.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It basically allows people to make calls via the internet. Earlier this technology used to provide the only computer to computer call facility. This means people used to talk through the earphones using the internet and computer. Of Course, the special VoIP software needed for placing calls.

 Business VoIP Phone Systems
Business VoIP Phone Systems

The problem with the dial-up connection was that they don’t use to provide enough speed. Due to the poor signal people could not able to hear each other’s voice properly. But now with the advancement of technology VoIP doesn’t offer the only computer to computer calls. If you are having a broadband connection and computer then you can make the computer to phone calls which simply means that you can place a call to anyone who is having a regular phone from your computer. Isn’t that great?

How VoIP works?

The VoIP technology does not require any telephone lines to transfer the data and its working is very much different from the traditional way. According to this technology the sound data gets converted into the packets and then transferred over the internet protocol. That’s the reason people experience faster response, great speed, and more efficient communication.

Some people feel that this, not the secured way of communication because people who are using the same tool can listen to your conversation but remember that the conventional phone calls are also not very safe either and the perks of using the VoIP communication system are more attractive as compared to the regular communication system.


The VoIP phone system is getting more popular because it is quite cheaper than the regular phone calls and people are taking advantage of it. There are also some other features of VoIP which are specially customized for the business VoIP phone systems. Computer to computer calls are usually free but a computer to cell phone calls are also very affordable. This technology will also benefit you when you relocate as you are not required to change the number or have another number. All you need is an internet connection and you can make calls to wherever you want.

VoIP is the very evolutionary step in the field of telecommunication and it’s an investment that you will not regret ever.